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Strong know-how

Special Pump Applications

Hygienic Applications

Self-cleaning filtration

Packaging of liquid products

Mixing - Grinding

Filling Machines

Biodod has been producing filling and closing machines for more than 30 years. Our machines have been operating successfully in a lot of small and big companies in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Egypt and Mauritius, mainly in the paint & coatings industry.

Automatic Filling Machines

positive displacement pumps Automatic filling and closing machines either gravimetric with electronic scales or volumetric.
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Semi-automatic Gravimetric Filling Machines

positive displacement pumpsSemi-automatic gravimetric filling and closing machines with electronic scales. Different models for fills up to 60Kgr.
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Semi-automatic Volumetric Filling Machines

positive displacement pumpsSemi-automatic volumetric filling and closing machines. Different models for fills 30ml - 5000ml.
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positive displacement pumps Tables for feeding and collecting the containers, roller conveyors, printing device, paint spot device.
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