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Self-cleaning Strainers

Biodod has been producing self-cleaning strainers for more than 30 years. Our strainers have been operating successfully in a lot of small and big companies in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Egypt, mainly in the paint & coatings industry.

BIODOD self-cleaning strainers

Biodod self-cleaning strainers have been designed to remove oversized particles from liquid products in a totally enclosed and self-cleaning system. They can be used for batch production or for continuous automatic operation.

Products-Applications: They are the ideal solution for a wide range of liquid products such as water-based paints, decorative paints, varnishes, different chemicals, adhesives and other relevant products.


  • Biodod self-cleaning strainers are cost effective units. The strainer mesh is protected from mechanical damage and is kept clean by the self-cleaning action of the unit. As a consequence, the mesh has a long life and may be used for a lot of times. Besides, the price of the mesh is very low.
  • The change from one product to another can take place rapidly with little product loss.
  • Biodod strainers are suitable to feed filling machines.
  • The straining operation takes place in a totally enclosed system and as a consequence there is no environmental pollution.
  • Simple installation- Simple operation.
  • Guaranteed quality.

Operation Principle

strainer_cutaway Each Biodod self-cleaning strainer is a complete mobile unit requiring only connection to the liquid product line and to a power source. The unit consists of the filter body which houses two vertical perforated strainer plates. The strainer mesh is placed between the plates. The liquid to be strained is fed to the strainer body either by a self-priming pump or by gravity from an overhead tank. An output pump sucks the liquid through the mesh. The cleaned liquid is transfered by the output pump to the filling machine or to a tank. A small quantity of the cleaned liquid is returned to the rear of the perforated plates through a self-cleaning mechanism of a valve and a rotating plate. This backwash action ensures that the mesh remains clear, free from blockage, and the strainer has a continuous flow. The sludge valve enables the removal of the unwanted contaminants during the straining operation.

Strainer Sizes

strainer_cutaway Biodod self-cleaning strainers are produced in three sizes for capacity 800 lt/h (type 1500D), 2200 lt/h (type 2614D), 8000 lt/h (type 2002D) or for higher capacity depending on the viscosity of the liquid product. The filter body is made of aluminium and the two perforated strainer plates are made of stainless steel. The strainer may be fed either by gravity or by a pump, and as a consequence the strainers may be produced either with one or with two internal gear pumps or air operated diaphragm pumps. Standard or Eex models are available to meet the requirements.