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Biodod Labrakis Bros GP was founded by George and Alexander Labrakis in Piraeus, in 1972. The distinctive title Biodod was derived by the company's initial objective that was the manufacturing of gears and other mechanical engineering works. Soon, the needs of the greek market led the company to focus its activities on the manufacturing of internal gear pumps. That choice as well as the quality of Biodod internal gear pumps, led to the fast development and the recognition of Biodod.

In 1980, the factory of Biodod was built in the city Mandra of Attiki, in an area of 6000 square meters and the activities of the company were extended to the design and the manufacturing of filling machines, self-cleaning strainers and special sugar-paste elliptical rotor pumps for the Hellenic Sugar Industry. During that period and the years that followed, Biodod participated in exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cairo. Its products became known, they won a big market share in Greece and started to be exported in countries such as Cyprus, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In 1995, Panagiotis G. Labrakis, that period a student in the department of Chemical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), optimized the geometry and the performance of Biodod's pumps developing an engineering mathematics computer application. More over, the next two years he specialised in the automation systems of two well-known German companies and was actively involved in the redesign of Biodod's machines.

From 2000 and afterwards, Biodod began to represent leading pump manufacturers, in order to offer to its customers complete and secure solutions for pumping almost any liquid. The selection of the manufacturers was based on the quality of their products and their successful presence in other European countries.

Currently, the two main areas of our activities are: